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Sea, Sun and Science (SSS): A Marine Science Experience is a vacation programme designed by the Buccoo Reef Trust (BRT) which will take place during the two-week period from the 9th to 20th July 2018. This vacation programme targets individuals at high school, including students of 4th form to upper 6th form levels. A concerted effort will be placed on recruiting participants from the length of Tobago and also from Trinidad.

Additionally, support is being provided by other partners in the Tobago House of Assembly, various NGOs and Corporate bodies. Members of SpeSeas and our partners in IYORTT will assist by delivering lectures and training in their field of expertise.

Since its inception in 2002, Sea, Sun and Science has been a very attractive and popular vacation programme for students across Trinidad and Tobago and has been attracting attention within the region and beyond. The programme aims to give participants an interactive, unforgettable experience while educating them and exposing them to different career avenues that are available in the area of Natural Resource Management in Trinidad and Tobago. This goal has been achieved; in that, many of the former participants of SSS have chosen careers and pursuits that were in some way influenced by their two weeks of SSS.

The Buccoo Reef Trust is a non-profit organization, registered in Trinidad and Tobago.  It was specifically created to assist in addressing the threats facing Tobago’s marine environment and to explore opportunities for the sustainable development of marine tourism, fishing and aquaculture in the Caribbean region as a whole. Its aim is to be a Conservation Research Institution that is internationally recognized for research, education and conservation of coastal ecosystems and sustainable livelihoods.

For more information or to sign up for the Sea, Sun and Science programme click here.

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